Moving home can be an incredibly stressful time and it is usually a period in our lives when we really wish for plain sailing. But usually it is anything but, as there are a myriad of pitfalls around each corner. Choosing the new home is probably the best part of this activity and then the fun begins. Providing that you have managed to find a buyer for your old home, you then have to worry about the actual move itself and the empty house you are going to be filling with your possessions. How about leaving a few of them behind and kitting your new pad out in some space age technical gadgets? It will definitely make the whole process a lot more fun and you may even find some useful ones along the way. This article looks at a few of these cool and innovative household items for you right now!

Headphone Bookends – $49

Can you cast your minds back to a time when bigger was better and we had no place for these flimsy pieces of kit that everyone seems to love so much these days? Well, headphones were definitely in that category and boy were they built to last! These ultra-cool retro headphones have been converted into a set of bookends and they will really add some class to any bookshelf.  You can put them to work on your old album storage shelves as well and your guests will soon want to know where they can get a set of these bad boys from! Just remember where you read about them first!

Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan – $260

At first, this gadget may seem a little ‘out there’ but it will certainly attract a lot of comments and can be very useful for those uncomfortable silences we love so much! This tribute to the enigmatic fighter plane of years gone by will certainly bring some colour and nostalgia to any room in your home. It features three 48 inch blades and includes an integral light bulb that is powerful enough to shed some light on proceedings. The fan works pretty well and the whole unit is covered by an awesome 30 year warranty. Some may baulk at the price tag but we feel the coolness of this gadget is definitely worth this outlay.

AirBoxlab – $220

Air pollution is a big concern and this is especially true if you live in a large town or city. Your air conditioning unit may do wonders to chill the ambient air but it doesn’t really help with purifying the stuff. Well, AirBoxlab is here to put things right, and it is an awesome appliance for sure. This device has 6 different sensors that break down the air content and lets you know exactly what types of harmful substances are putting you at risk. It will also tell you how to deal with these imposters and where they are being produced. You can access this gadget via your smartphone and the apps should be absolutely free. The AirBoxlab will help you to join the relevant campaigning groups and you’ll soon be helping to save our poor old planet. A must have appliance for all the ‘would be’ eco warriors out there!

3 Gadgets For a Cooler Home!

So there we have it, 3 very different gadgets that will allow you an extra wedge of cool factor for those all-important first guests that always turn up unannounced!


The writer of this blog, Shaun Hill runs a home improvement business and he enjoys blogging about his home improvement projects. He writes for 1st Generation Moving, a local and long-distance moving company based in Texas. He enjoys fishing during his free time.